Cycling And Concussions – Symptoms, Tests, And Recovery

Source: | Re-Post Duerson Fund 3/26/2018 – 

The footage of Cannondale-Drapac rider Toms Skujins attempting to remount his bike after a crash at the 2017 Tour of California should be evidence enough to suggest that a rider suffering from concussion is the person least able to diagnose themselves.

The Latvian is clearly off-balance, disorientated – and through no fault of his own – a danger to other riders as he stumbles into their path.

Concussion is a common injury in cycling, but all too often it’s considered “just concussion”, a fate far better than a broken collarbone or fractured wrist. However, if not treated properly, concussion can leave a much longer lasting impact.

What is concussion?
Concussion is caused by a mild traumatic brain injury, such as a bang to the head or whiplash.

It’s understandable that cyclists frequently suffer from it following a crash – you just have to check out the state of some helmets following a bash and it’s clear it’s an area that often makes contact with the ground.

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