NFL Player-Turned-Neurosurgeon Says His Smarts Hindered His Football Career

Source: | Re-Post Duerson Fund 4/12/2017 – 

Jocks don’t have to be dumb, but according to former NFL player Myron Rolle, the league sure prefers them that way.

“Their sentiment was, ‘You play very well, but there’s other guys who will run through a wall for this, they need this,’” Rolle, who’s readying to enter his neurosurgeon residency at Massachusetts General, told the Post’s Rick Maese. “‘We’re not worried about you — you could go be President of the United States. But they need this.’ I was like, how could you take this from me? They tell you all your life: be a student athlete, focus on your grades. So I do that, and because it gets attention, it becomes an issue?”

[‘With neurosurgery, every day feels like a football game’ for Myron Rolle]

Rolle said his book smarts were never an issue while an undergraduate at Florida State. But after completing his bachelor’s degree in 2½ years and leaving the Seminoles to spend a year at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, Rolle learned his academic curiosity might be a hindrance in the NFL.

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