FLORIDA: FULLY Inform Parents – Sub-Concussive Football Brain Damage Threatens Children

Orig Post www.change.org | Re-Post Duerson Foundation 4/4/2016

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Superstar Will Smith’s movie “Concussion” just hit theaters on Christmas Day.

I shed a tear more than once watching the movie on Christmas Day as did others, particularly parents, at the Carmike Cinema in Panama City, Florida, and throughout the country.

Parents now enlightened, and shocked, by the movie “Concussion” who now realize that their children and high school and college-bound youth who play football, or will be playing football, are in great danger of incurable rotting brain damage not only from symptomatic concussions, but also by repeated non-symptomatic “SUB-concussions.”

The driving and vivid issue raised by the movie is that “science” detailed in the movie has proven unequivocally that not only professional football players with the National Football League (NFL), but children and youth in PeeWee, Pop Warner, High School and College football leagues are repeatedly damaging their still developing brains, among other life threatening injuries, by not only observable “concussions” resulting in unconsciousness of the child or youth or other symptoms but more seriously by repetitive undetected “SUB-concussions.”

There have been seven (7) high school football deaths so far in 2015. One death is too many.

Flag football for children and youth, PeeWee through High School, is certainly an option that preserves the health and teamwork benefits of football but almost eliminates the violent danger inherent in tackle football.

These sub-concussions in high G-Force impacts accumulate by the hundreds or thousands in football leagues from childhood to college to professional that go undetected until the brain eventually rots due to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) deterioration of the brain caused by a cancer-like protein substance in the brain called TAU.

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