Youth Tackle Football – Is It On The Way Out?

Source: | Re-Post Duerson Fund 3/26/2018 – 

Two California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would ban organized tackle football before high school. The state legislature is expected to take up the “Safe Youth Football Act” in its spring session.

The proposed bill, according to reports by many California media outlets, would “prevent young athletes from sustaining long-term brain damage caused by repetitive tackling, hitting and blocking.”

Football safety has been debated and dissected in Arizona by parents and coaches who want kids in as safe an environment as possible. It’s not surprising, given the swirl of concussions, CTE, and lawsuits surrounding football at the highest levels.

If this becomes law in California, might similar legislation follow elsewhere?

New tactics being introduced at youth level

There is nothing similar pending in Arizona, but HB 2088 would require schools notify a student’s parent or guardian if officials suspect the student sustained a concussion during a practice or game.

Currently, schools have to immediately remove students who may have suffered a concussion from any athletic activity, and parents and guardians have to sign forms acknowledging the risks of concussions.

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