When It Comes To NFL Concussions – Refs And Coaches Still Don’t Get It

Source: canalstreetchronicles.com | Re-Post Duerson Fund 12/12/2017 – 

Coby Fleener got rocked against the Rams, but was allowed to stay on the field until his concussion became painfully obvious. When is the NFL going to wise up and take the responsibility of concussion diagnosis away from biased coaches and doctors? An incredibly fast, accurate, and inexpensive technology can diagnose players from the sideline right as we speak.

Last Sunday, during the fourth quarter, Saints tight end Coby Fleener took a brutal hit from Rams safety Blake Countess.

Though the hit was clearly a perfect example of targeting in the college realm, Countess was not ejected from the game for his hit (the Danny Trevathan hit on Davante Adams also rings a bell). He received a penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver even though he obviously led with his helmet directly into Fleener’s helmet. The hit was absolutely careless and extremely dangerous. The correct call from the officials should have been the ruling of an “egregious” hit followed by immediate ejection.

Until the players who deliver dangerous hits are immediately removed from a game, there is no reason for them to stop making such plays. Instead of the Rams losing a safety for the remainder of the game, the Saints ended up losing a tight end.

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