Scientists Seek Veterans To Help Treat CTE

Source: | Re-Post Duerson Fund 1/29/2018 – 

Researchers are trying to prevent and treat CTE, the brain disease caused by repetitive head trauma – including combat blasts. Here’s how vets can help…

Anxiety, irritability, memory loss, cognitive problems, profound depression—often to the point of suicide.

These have been the unwelcome symptoms ushering the return home for thousands of veterans since 9/11. In that time, more than 300,000 service members have been given a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, but scientists are now learning that some of those injuries are much more severe than they initially thought.

As correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports this week on 60 Minutes, some veterans’ brains are affected by chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, caused by repeated blows to the head.

CTE is the same disease that’s rocking the football world. This summer, neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee discovered CTE in the brains of 110 out of 111 deceased N.F.L. players, raising serious concerns for the men still playing the game.

Now Dr. McKee is seeing similar patterns in deceased veterans who were subject to head trauma from combat blasts. Of the 102 veterans’ brains she has examined, 66 had CTE.

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