Retired Soccer Star Briana Scurry on What a Concussion Feels Like

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Briana-Scurry-Preparing-for-the-Shot-370x241[Briana Scurry] When I was on the field, it was alarming, because— it started out as just a little bit of—like—dizziness, you know—that—tipping over, and—just—there was pain on my left, and on my right. So she hit me on my right, so I had pain in my head, because I had a knock, right? But I also noticed that there was pain coming from my left ear—behind my left ear. And—but this pain was more, so this was the pain I remembered— in the beginning—the most. And as time went on, both areas hurt. So I just figured—okay, I’ve got a headache. That makes sense—I got hit. I got memory loss, because I couldn’t remember the words— I didn’t feel well—I didn’t feel totally nauseous, but I just—just the—being tipped, and off-balance,makes you feel ill in general, so I think it was from that. You know, I had sensitivity to the light, sensitivity to sound— I knew I wasn’t okay— but it wasn’t the first time I ever had a concussion, so I was thinking—just give me a few days, and I’ll be alright. I’m like—okay, take me out of the game, I’m good with that— because I probably couldn’t see the ball, anyway,after a while. But I didn’t worry about any long-term effects, because I knew that, soon, I would be fine. But unfortunately, I’m still waiting for that—to be fine.