Does My Child Have A Concussion?

Source: | Re-Post Duerson Fund 3/12/2018 – 

The deep cut on her forehead and the small raised lump beneath it were the most visible signs of my daughter Naya’s gym class spill. But when the nurse handed me a ziplock bag with my 7-year-old’s mangled glasses inside, I knew she must have fallen hard.

Because Naya has a large benign cyst in her brain, we’re quite vigilant about head injuries. I pressed the school for more information on the incident, and they reported that the class had been skipping around cones on the blacktop outside. My daughter is hemiplegic, and while it only affects her mildly, she struggles with balance and gait issues because her left side is weaker. She also has vision problems, so the coordination required for skipping around cones does not come easily to her.

The most concerning piece of the report was her reaction to the fall. According to the teacher, Naya sat on the ground for almost a minute after her fall, which is unusual for our active, resilient girl. As she’s prone to falls, she is quick to get back up again and keep moving. Sitting on the ground for a minute, in my view, demonstrated the severity of the blow.

Several days later, we noticed some unusual mood swings, signs of eye strain, and sensitivity to light and sound. These symptoms persisted, so we reached out to her neurologist, who recommended we schedule an appointment with her pediatrician.

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