Clint Frazier Is Forgetting His Cats’ Names, And It Sounds Scary

Source: | Re-Post Duerson Fund 3/12/2018 – 

Clint Frazier’s recovery from the concussion he suffered last month took a “step back” on Saturday, according to the outfielder and Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, who said the outfielder felt symptoms after he increased his workload and took swings off a tee.

Frazier said he has experienced some “scary moments” while driving and has stopped driving, but Cashman insisted Frazier’s symptoms are not as severe as they might sound, and doctors are confident he is progressing.

Frazier suffered the concussion Feb. 24, when he fell backward into the left-field fence and banged his head against the wall at Steinbrenner Field.

“It sucks,” said Frazier, who added he occasionally forgets the names of his cats since the head injury. “This has to be the worst injury I’ve ever had. I didn’t feel right today hitting. I felt foggy, that is the word of the day. I felt splotchy. … There are some positives that have come out of the last few days, but I want all positives.”

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